Brand Profile

The word KOJA TM is combination of Korea and Japan which signifies the brand vision of providing the highly effective Kbeauty well known brand cosmetics and high quality Japanese lifestyle creatives products to the world.

Corporate Mission

Our mission is to become a unique business model of fusion retail brand where all the inexpensive and high quality goods of Asia comes under one roof to the world consumers. With our remarkable product design, affordability and excellent shopping experience, we have created a “ New Retail”. We currently carry around three thousands different items in our product portfolio and we demand product turnover of 21 days keeping the feeling of novelty for consumers and give them a new surprise every time they come to the store. We are constantly working to provide delight and satisfaction to customers. Our ever growing large network stores is making possible to provide these values to customer. KOJA ™ mission to meet the trends of economic development and the true needs of consumers.

Corporate Vision

  • Appealing
  • Practical use
  • Affordable
  • Creative
  • Quality

Based on above core principles, our vision is to bring the world under one retail roof by providing truly high quality, creative, variety and affordable products. Making everyday beautiful.

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